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Crown in Shadow
ÆRENA Wines’ distinctively dry
and tastefully elegant rosé
VARIETAL: Carignan and Mourvèdre RELEASE: Spring 2020
ALCOHOL: 12.9%
PRODUCTION: 1,340 cases
SRP: $20
FORMATS: 750ml | Kegs
UPC: 855326003286


At ÆRENA Wines, we see wine as a work of art. From farmers, winemakers and label artists to the artist within each of us, ÆRENA Wines celebrates everyday heroes who are mastering their craft. Featuring distinctive bottlings from both well-known and emerging appellations, we create authentic California wines that embody a sense of place and a decidedly drinkable point of view.

The place you long for
The San Francisco Bay

THE VINEYARD Oakley, a suburban town nestled where the San Francisco Bay meets the Sacramento River Delta is a terroir in transition, featuring ancient vines alongside modern housing developments. The clay loam soil vineyard produces grapes with sophisticated freshness and bright acidity. Because of the strong winds that come off the Sacramento Delta, the warm summer days cool off dramatically at night, allowing for more evenly ripened fruit. The only rosé from the San Francisco Bay AVA, Crown in Shadow is remarkably crafted from 135-year-old vines.

The song that makes you swoon
“La Vie en Rose” - Edith Piaf

The flower that best represents who you are
Cherry Blossoms

Winemakers Kyle Mizuno and Aaron Pott

MORE ABOUT THE WINEMAKERS Blackbird Vineyards’ winemaking duo, Aaron Pott and Kyle Mizuno, are the artisans behind ÆRENA Wines. Their relationship was once that of mentor and student, but after years of collaboration, they are family. To spend time with them is an exploration of wine, replete with quick wit and belly-clutching humor.In farming and winemaking, Aaron and Kyle strive to communicate a vineyard’s sense of place--by working the wine at the right time to expose the best characteristics of variety and site. According to Aaron, “In almost all definitions of art in the dictionary, there is a reference to ‘human works of beauty.’ ÆRENA believes wine certainly fits under this classification. It is an object created by human intervention that creates something beautiful. Wine is unique as art in that it is ephemeral; once it is consumed, it is gone. Aaron wholly appreciates working with Kyle. So it is appropriate that when asking Kyle to define their winemaking philosophy, his retort is, “Let the wines speak for themselves and don’t screw it up.”

The artist that inspires you everyday
Label Artist Tony Hernandez

MORE ABOUT THE ARTIST Tony Hernandez is an artist whose work provides a subjective sensation of intellectual satisfaction. The tenderness in his images, counterbalanced by emblems of hope and impending peace suggests the ability of artist characters to see past the judgments of others in their midst. Working exclusively on handmade birch wood panels using the technically-demanding process of encaustic painting, his works are visually simple, yet, psychologically complex. The overall message suggests that we must first look inward before looking outward.

The dish that makes your mouth water
Oysters and Caviar

The best thing someone said about you
ÆRENA Wines’ 2019 Rosé is a youthful pale pink Vin Gris. Enticing aromas of white peach, orange zest, acacia flower and sugar cookies on the nose. Peach, melon, and guava delight the mid-palate with wonderfully bright acidity. A soft, silky finish of plum, brown sugar and melon.

The motto you live by
“See the world through rose colored glasses”

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